High-quality property assets, located mainly in Paris

The company’s revalued property portfolio amounted to €510m at 31 December 2021.

The portfolio comprises:

  • commercial leasehold properties acquired directly for an amount of €483m,
  • indirect real estate investments consisting of €10.6 million in SCPI and OPCI shares, €0.7 million in usufruct of SCPI shares and €15.7 million in shares.

SELECTIRENTE’s directly-owned property portfolio consists of 559 retail premises, an asset currently occupied by offices in Paris and a 2 mixed real estate complexes (retail and offices) in Bordeaux (Gironde) and in Toulouse (Occitanie/PyrénéesMéditerranée). It comprises mainly city centre shops in Paris and the Paris area, and breaks down as follows:

Our property portfolio in pictures

* Appraised value excluding fees