Our main tenants

In order to increasingly pool its assets and optimise rental flows on a lasting basis, Selectirente applies a rigorous tenant selection policy, central to its property management philosophy. Our tenants include:

  • banking organisations,
  • large private groups,
  • leading retailers.

At 31 December 2017, Selectirente’s directly-owned property portfolio consisted of 347 rental units, representing total theoretical rental income of €13m in full-year terms. In this respect, the 11 biggest tenants (each accounting for more than 1.8% of revenue) are:

Tenant Activity Number of rental units % of rents in total rents
Total 38 33,2%
Groupe Saint Gobain (La plateforme du bâtiment) DIY 2 6,8%
Groupe Rallye (Casino, Franprix, …) food retail 12 4,9%
Groupe Crédit Agricole banking services 7 2,4%
Maisons du Monde household equipment 4 3,3%
La Poste (Média Post) postal services 2 2,7%
BNP Paribas banking services 3 2,5%
Kiloutou DIY 3 2,5%
Vivarte (La Halle) fashion 2 2,2%
Bio C’Bon organic food 1 2,1%
Sandro (groupe SMCP) fashion 1 2,0%
Omnium perfume/cosmetics 1 1,9%